The Most Common Drug Crimes in Reno, NV

The Most Common Drug Crimes in Reno, NV

The Most Common Drug Crimes in Reno, NV

Any time an individual is charged with a drug crime, the potential consequences can damage the accused’s entire life. Understanding what types of drug crimes are most commonly charged is important, and you should understand how to defend your rights.

Types of Drug Crimes

  • Drug trafficking – This violation consists of manufacturing, distribution, and sale of drugs in a manner that is unlawful. Many times, you can be pulled over in a traffic stop and if large quantities of drugs are found, you can be charged with distribution because it is more than what would be used for personal use. There are also times where a house can be raided and a setup for making and packaging drugs is found. This is also illegal and can lead to significant charges being filed.

  • Drug use – Many drugs are illegal to possess and/or use, regardless of quantity. Usually, this is an individual charge, unless ownership cannot be established. In this case, more than one person can be charged with possession, especially if it is found in a car and more than one person has access to it. Furthermore, in states where drugs like marijuana, are legal, it is still illegal to drive while impaired or smoke in public. These violations can lead to arrests and charges being filed. In the event an arrest is not made, a fine will usually be levied. This might not sound like a big deal, but fines can be almost $1,000; this makes it a big deal. You should know your local laws so that you are not fined or arrested for violating laws.

  • Prescription drug – As the opioid crisis has spread across the country, abusing prescription drugs has led to numerous arrests. It is not legal to possess or use medications prescribed to someone else. Furthermore, it is not legal to sell your medications to someone else. You must have your medications in their bottle with the label attached showing you are the owner of the prescription. Anything less can lead to an arrest and charges being filed.

  • Violent crime – Drug use can lead to many violent crimes. There are times when a drug deal goes bad and someone is shot or seriously injured. Additionally, fights over drugs can take place and while this might not seem like a big deal, it is a crime. And, it can lead to serious injuries and ongoing situations. The desire to obtain drugs or money for drugs has led to violent crimes like home invasions, robbery, and murder. These are some of the most serious charges that can be filed and when an attorney is seriously needed.

When You Need an Attorney

If you are arrested for any drug-related violation, it is important to hire an attorney, who should be consulted any time you are arrested and when you are questioned by police. If you are arrested, it is your right to have an attorney present when you are being questioned. The police are required to advise you of these rights when you are arrested and charged with a crime. They should also tell you what you are being charged with and allow you time to confer with your attorney, whether court-appointed or not. As a Lyon County criminal defense attorney, we can represent you if you are charged with a drug crime.

What an Attorney Can do for You

If you are arrested in Reno, NV, a Reno criminal defense attorney can be invaluable. Our attorneys are familiar with the local and state laws. We can help you understand the laws, clarify any charges and help build your defense. The attorneys at Merrill Law work closely with clients to get charges reduced or dropped, and we do so in a confidential manner that helps protect your privacy. If you have been charged with a drug crime, it is not advisable that you defend yourself. Our attorneys know the court system and will provide you with aggressive representation.

As Lyon County criminal defense attorneys, Merill Law can help you with all your defense needs. We have the experience and knowledge to present your case against prosecutors and aim for the best outcome. We want to help you protect your future. Matthew K. Merrill is the founder of the law firm and has a reputation for working hard for his clients. If you need a criminal defense attorney, especially for drug charges, and want someone who understands the court system, call our office for a consultation today at (775) 302-2624.

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