The Impact of an Out-of-State License on a DUI Charge

The Impact of an Out-of-State License on a DUI Charge

Getting pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence almost always leads to a charge that comes with stiff penalties. These penalties can be made somewhat worse if you happen to have an out-of-state license. Whether you've just moved to Nevada and have yet to update your license or were traveling through the state while on vacation at the time of your arrest, knowing the impact of an out-of-state license on a DUI charge may prove to be highly beneficial if ever you're in such a situation.

Blood Alcohol Concentration Limits in Nevada

When you're pulled over for driving while under the influence of alcohol, you will be given a breathalyzer test that's designed to determine what your blood alcohol concentration levels are currently at. If you're unaware of the BAC limits in Nevada, they are situated at

  • .02 percent for any driver under the age of 21

  • .04 percent for holders of a commercial drivers license

  • .08 percent for anyone else

While the breathalyzer test only applies to alcohol, the same types of penalties will occur if you are under the influence of drugs. Make sure that you remember the details pertaining to how the breathalyzer was administered for when you eventually speak to a Reno criminal defense attorney.

How an Out-of-State License Affects a DUI Charge

After you've been arrested for driving under the influence, you'll likely face the penalties in your home state. Most of these penalties are going to be exactly the same as they are in Nevada, which means that you'll be required to pay a fine of anywhere from $400-$1,000, attend a victim impact panel, complete a DUI school class online, and avoid additional citations and arrests while the case is ongoing.

While the basic penalties for a first offense remain the same, you will likely lose your license for a period of time in your home state, which means that you probably won't be able to drive for around 90 days. Most DUI convictions are considered to be misdemeanors in Nevada. If you ignore the charges because you live in another state, it's possible for you to be extradited to Nevada. However, extradition is typically reserved for felonies.

How Our Reno Criminal Defense Attorney Can Provide Assistance

If you've been charged with a DUI and have an out-of-state license, our Lyon County criminal defense attorneys here at Merrill Law PLLC can provide you with much-needed assistance and legal representation. Our main goal when building a defense is to keep the charges off your record entirely and to prevent your license from being revoked in Nevada, as a revocation in Nevada can cause you to lose your driving privileges in your home state.

In the event that you have been arrested for a DUI in Nevada and require help in fighting the charges, contact our Lyon County criminal defense attorney at Merrill Law PLLC today so that we can provide you with strong representation.


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