The Probate Process: A Brief

The Probate Process: A Brief

Probate is simply a court approved process whereby the assets of a recently deceased is passed to that person’s beneficiaries. Nevada law specifically designates which heirs will receive a person’s assets. Everyone’s family situation is slightly different than others. The Nevada law does not take into account what your wishes are in how you would like your assets split and who it is given to. This is why it is extremely important for a person to at least have a last will and testament.

Whether or not a person has a last will and testament or not, that person’s estate will need to go through probate. Choose an experienced attorney to guide the executor through the process.

The process starts with a petition submitted to District Court. There are numerous notices that must be sent to creditors, heirs, and family. Depending on the size of the estate the amount of time to elapse before the District Court will allow the assets to be distributed varies. Typically, the Court will allow an estate to be distributed to the heirs after about 6 months or so. But only after all the debtors, expenses, and burial costs have been paid in full.


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